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Field Installations

36 RT ThermoChiller at Homer, Alaska

A 36-ton ThermoChiller installed at Auction Block Seafood in Homer, Alaska, is the world's only coal fired blast freezer. Coal is cheap and abundant in this part of Alaska, but if necessary, the low-emissions boiler can be converted to run on biomass. The ThermoChiller delivers -30°F chilling to a seafood blast freezing warehouse. When blast freezing is not required, it converts to an ice maker.

ThermoChiller for Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

The only year-round ice hotel in the world, in Chena Hot Springs, is kept frozen in the summer during 24-hour sunlight days by Energy Concepts' 16 ton ThermoChiller. TC16 is powered by 155°F geothermal hot spring water. It supplies 0°F brine to an air handler which keeps the hotel at 24°F. Heat is rejected to 55°F river water. This unit was delivered by air shipment ten weeks after order placement. Because of the very low temperature heat source, ECC used an advanced absorption cycle (half effect).

300-Ton ThermoSorber Commissioned, May 14, 2009

This ThermoSorber produces 10.5 million BTU per hour of 145°F hot water, plus 300 tons (1,000 kW) of 34°F chilling, from 7500 pounds per hour of 100 psig steam. It is installed at a meat packing plant in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Clean Tech Partners developed and financed this project. Read full article

Blythe CHP System Up and Running, June 16, 2006

Desert Power Company and Energy Concepts Company jointly announce the startup of a combined chilling and power system at a vegetable processing facility in Blythe, California. The system generates 830 kW of electricity from two natural gas fired reciprocating engines, and 160 tons of 25°F chilling from the engine waste heat. An additional 120kW peak is supplied from solar photo-voltaic panels. Read full article